About Us

Target Fundraising Services is a collective of hard-working minds, exceptional skill sets, high standards and great consistency, in obtaining great results for our charitable parties.

TFS was founded in 2019 after years of experience in the fundraising industry.

We felt that the industry needed a change to make things more ethical, more enjoyable and more affordable for all parties involved. The main aim to provide as much income to the charitable causes as possible!
Everyone behind the scenes at TFS, all have an understanding of how fundraising works at the starter level, right throughout to the highest positions in the fundraising industry. This gives us an insight into a charity fundraising campaign where it matters most.

Our mission is to maintain our fundraisers are trained at the highest level possible, with reviews and assessments carried out consistently to make sure standards are always kept at their highest.

Also, that our fundraisers are working everyday being the most passionate in the country to deliver the best results for all parties.

  • We are passionate about being an organisation that does its bit to improve the world around us.
    That means being an inclusive employer and business partner, offering great support, pay and working conditions:
  • It means supporting the aims of our charitable partners in wanting to support the lives of people who are in need or facing unacceptable challenges.
  • It means turning ‘green’ in our outlook, wherever possible saving energy and using sustainable materials.
  • It means making our services as fair and cost-effective and affordable as possible whilst sustaining a healthy business that can be relied upon.
  • It means using some of our profits to support our own charities, helping causes that matter to us personally.

We hope this explains our approach to work at TFS and enthuses you with what we do.

Based in the south-east of the UK we aim to be the most ethical and successful fundraising agency in the UK